Established by UMD students in 1975 with help from the SGA, and located since the early 2000s in the basement of the Stamp Student Union, the Maryland Food Collective is a worker-owned food cooperative, committed to providing healthy, conscious, and affordable food to the UMD community.

We operate under the principle “Food for People, Not for Profit” to communicate our commitment to making real food accessible, not a commodity. To that effect, we strive to make our prices a reflection of the real cost of items. This means making sure that producers are compensated justly and our customers pay a fair price. We prioritize vegetarian and vegan options and can accommodate needs for gluten or other allergen-free foods. Much of what we offer is customizable and flexible to your needs, so feel free to get creative.

Our Mission

The Maryland Food Collective is a democratically owned and operated institution that strives to nourish the community by providing quality food that is highly nutritious and ethically procured. We aspire to cultivate an environment that promotes educated consumption and inspires a deeper sense of community. We are committed to the personal and professional enrichment of our workers and volunteers.

Our Values

❖ Community ❖ Education ❖ Environmental & Human Health ❖ Socially Conscious & Sustainable Business Practices

Typical Monday-night Meeting shenanigans. October 2017

Typical Monday-night Meeting shenanigans. October 2017